"Combining traditional healing & modern technology for complete wellness"

Meet the therapists

Allison Snook LMT, offers a unique massage experience by combing different types of massage to accommodate what your body needs. She is a licensed massage therapist and is certified in ... Not familiar with different types of massage? No problem! Come in for a consult today and we will find out what works for you.

Alana Snook wife, mom of 8, and a barrel racer is a certified horse massage therapist and certified MagnaWave practitioner.

Together we have come together with our knowledge and background in human and horse wellness and created a treatment session plan that we think will be optimal for horses and their riders. We use it on our horses and ourselves and have seen great results. We call it integrative PEMF treatments, and we are excited to be able to give everyone the opportunity to try it out!

MagnaWave Certified

Alana Snook and Allison Snook both did the schooling for the Magna Wave certification and do continuing courses to insure they are providing you with the best treatments.

Horse massage therapy certified

Integrative PEMF treatments

This is our way of combining modern technology with traditional massage so we can provide you and your horse with a thorough treatment that covers all the bases. We go in more detail about this on the PEMF service page.